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About me


I seek inspiration for my artwork and ceramic pieces from people, nature, and the landscape. Born in South Africa  I was exposed to the rich diversity of the country, the environment, its people, textiles, and architecture. Now living in York surrounded by culture and the Yorkshire landscape, I feel I have a rich palette from which to create.

The start for each project begins with painting and drawing. Sometimes the accidental blot, the chance mark, or the naturally occurring stain can be the start of creating something of beauty that is simple and naturally attained, creating a sense of spontaneity. Many layers and colours are added and scratched through to create depth and texture.

Having just completed my art degree, I was exposed to many new materials and different techniques and this opened up a world of new possibilities for me. I instinctively fell in love with clay for its tactile quality. 

My pieces are hand-built using coils and slabs, adding grogs, coloured slips, oxides, underglazes, chalks and pastels. 


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